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Guy keeps hitting 15 minute snooze for 96 times; wakes up next day right on time

18, Nov 2017 By Akash Vadera

Whether you’re a student or an office goer, it must have happened many times in your life that you have pressed that life saving ‘snooze’ button on the alarm. Sometimes, you may even press snooze 2 or 3 times if you’ve decided to skip bath and utilize the saved time on sleeping (probably if you’re a bachelor or an engineer and definitely if you’re both).


However, even an engineer cum bachelor can’t beat 26-year old Suyash Verma, who pressed the 15 minute snooze 96 times, making him get up exactly 24 hours late but right on time.

We interviewed Suyash and here’s what he said, “First of all, let me clear that I am not an engineer. I have done BMS. It is a myth that most lazy people are engineers. It is completely untrue. We BMS graduates can be lazy too. Sometimes, I get so lazy that I yawn while I’m asleep. Anyway, so 3 days back, I was to get up for my office at 7 a.m. Obviously, I decided to press the 15 minute snooze button like I do always. Frankly I don’t even know why I set the alarm for 7 a.m. when I always press the snooze and wake at 7:15. But that morning, the winds were very chilly and my blanket was giving me just the perfect amount of warmth. The maid was when on leave so she didn’t turn off the fan behaving that there’s no one in the room.”

“I tell you, my morning exercise is done by getting up furiously and running after the maid for not turning the fan back on. Anyway, so the fan speed was perfect, the weather was perfect and my sleeping position was perfect too – the one in which you can fall asleep anywhere anytime; everyone has one perfect sleeping position. So that morning was perfectly suitable for sleeping and the alarm was perfectly snoozable. With every snooze, I decided to skip on the daily routine things, hoping I would just get up on the last snooze and directly walk out the home for my office. At the first snooze, I missed brushing. Second snooze was bathing. Third snooze was changing clothes and combing hair. Fourth was breakfast and smoke. With each passing snooze, I kept on eliminating the things that I would do so that I could use that time for sleeping. I didn’t even realize that I had reached 50 snoozes. At the 51st snooze, I decided that I would just press snooze one more time and then go office for the second half. But then I got a dream before the 52nd snooze that I am in that one day cricket match, watching the inning where Gavaskar scored 36 runs off 174 balls. I felt so sleepy that I pressed the snooze again. And then again, there was a series of snoozes. I skipped the dinner too. But to my surprise, when I didn’t press the snooze for the 97th time, I realised that I have got up on time for the office. I was bored of pressing snooze so I finally decided to get up” he added.

If you too are an over-sleeper, try beating Suyash’s record the next time you press snooze!