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Guy pretends to lose his memory when girlfriend asks him about her weight loss

25, Sep 2017 By Guest Patrakar

One of the toughest questions that no one has been able to answer till now is “acche din kab ayenge?”

But recently, UNESCO declared “Am I looking fat?” as the most difficult question of this era. The world has witnessed numerous breakups and divorces because of this question being wrongly answered. A similar incident happened when a boy had to pretend memory loss upon being asked by her girlfriend if she’s looking fat.

Surat: On the third day of Navratri, i.e. Saturday night, a Garba Night was arranged in a society where Falguni Pathak was going to perform. Super excited Rupesh and his girlfriend Poonam were all dressed up in traditional attire waiting for Falguni Pathak when Poonam, out of the blue, asked Rupesh if she is looking fat. Baffled, Rupesh didn’t expect this and said yes … no. Poonam started crying to which Rupesh replied, “aap kaun hain behen ji”.

Rupesh’s question shocked Poonam. Apparently, Rupesh had lost his memory. Poonam tried to bring Rupesh back to normal but to no avail. Later, Rupesh was taken to the nearest hospital where he was admitted and supervised by senior doctors. The story took a U-turn when the doctors asked Rupesh to go through some costly tests and Rupesh, being a Gujarati, refused to do those tests and told the doctors that he was pretending to have memory loss.

Things have still not sorted out between Rupesh and Poonam but they both are happy that it is not worse than it had looked like a few hours ago. The incident has made it clear that no-one has a perfect answer to “Am I looking fat?” and the best way to deal with this question is to ignore it.

Rupesh has played smart to make his relationship survive. This incident is also a learning for girls who ask such questions even after knowing that no answer would make them fully satisfied.