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Guy purchases invisibility cloak for $10,000; will use it on Valentine's Day

31, Jan 2018 By Akash Vadera

Every Harry Potter fan knows what an invisibility cloak is. It is a cloak that makes you invisible to others when you wear it or cover yourself with it.

Last year, Unnecessary Tech Pvt. Ltd. unveiled this cloak and put it on sale. However, due to its high price of $5,000 last year, only 100 cloaks were sold. This year it has again put these cloaks for sale not only in U.S. but to the whole world. Following which, Mumbai-based Shubham Brahmabhatt became the only Indian to purchase this invisible cloak and that too at the price of a whopping $10,000.

We got a chance to interview Shubham at his residence. After waiting for him an hour in his room, he uncovered himself from the cloak. He was sitting besides us the entire time under his cloak demonstrating the power of his cloak (and justifying the high price he paid for it).

Here’s what Shubham had to say. “Before you start judging me, let me tell you that I have purchased this cloak only and only for the purpose of using it on Valentine’s Day. Ever since my engineering college, I have always had only even number of friends. This is because ultimately all the friends in my group started dating either each other or some other people that eventually ended in our group as well. So it was always either 10 friends or 12 or 14, excluding me. I was the only single guy, always. I became the S.I. unit of ‘kabab me haddi’. I became the epitome of ‘the third wheel’. I became that ‘being half cropped out from left or right’ guy in every photo. But this was not it.”

“The worst part used to come during Valentine’s. Throughout the year, our other friends used to see me hanging out with my group as a whole, even though I was the sole single guy. But Valentine’s was the revealer for them. Out of 15 friends, if 14 of them have plans and one person always falls sick, it gives away the truth. I was tired of making excuses to tell people why I am not going anywhere on 14th Feb. This is my only reason of buying this cloak. Last year, no one believed any excuse that I gave them of being at home on Valentine’s. They were fed up and knew the reason already. It was too embarrassing for me. So I saved up for a year and this year I have bought this amazing invisibility cloak that I will put on for the whole day on Valentine’s. Let me show you how.”

He then put on his cloak and didn’t bother to come out for another hour. So our crew had to end the interview and leave.