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Guy says “I need to check” for all interview questions, gets instantly selected for the HR vacancy

01, Jan 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Employees hate Human Resources for a variety of reasons—some are logical reasons based on bad experiences with HR teams. Whereas other reasons why employees hate HR demonstrate the employees’ lack of knowledge about the role of HR in the workplace. But recently we got a live example of how easy recruitment of a HR personnel is. Many people feel that just like other job vacancies, even the HR vacancies must be filled with great detail in process and with due diligence.


But that’s not the case, at least that’s what Shwetank Srivastava’s recruitment tells us. Shwetank had applied for a HR role in Mumbai and had prepared very hard. He had learnt one answer for every question, ‘I Need to check’, and it is actually difficult to give the same answer to each and every question, but Shwetank did it in style.

He was asked 15 questions in his job interview and Shwetank, just like a parrot kept on repeating the same answer. Amused at first, the interviewers really were taken aback by the talent possessed by this man and they instantly gave them the offer letter. In fact, they gave him a 30 % hike when the industry norm is of 20 %.

Shwetank has become an inspiration for all the HR job seeking people of this country.