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Guy, single for 25 years, completes PhD in giving relationship advice

04, Aug 2017 By Akash Vadera

Every group of friends has that one guy who’s an expert in giving relationship advice, but he himself has never been in a relationship. Similar was the case with Mumbai-based 25 year old Aakash Mehra. He has been conferred with the Doctorate title after he presented his thesis last week, on giving relationship advice.

We interviewed Aakash and here’s what he had to say about his PhD, “I would like to say that completing my PhD took a toll on me. All my friends are thankful to me for completing my PhD. I am an engineer and ever since my engineering, unfortunately, I have always had only 2 types of friends – those who can’t get girlfriends and those who can’t handle their girlfriends. When my best friend in engineering, Suyash, told me that he has been facing relationship problems, I told him to dump his girlfriend. He walked away yelling at me, after punching me in my throat. This is when I realised I need to help more people with their relationship problems. So I started intervening in other people’s relationships. At the start, they were having problems understanding that it was for their own good. And today, they are still having problems understanding that it was for their own good.”

When asked how he completed his thesis as he himself has never been in a relationship, he replied, “What do you think? People who do thesis on global warming, settle in Arctic? People who do thesis on satellites, roam around in the orbits with the satellites? This is 21st century. Today, people don’t need to actually do things before giving advice. If they did so, then what would be the point?” he laughs “You know, the thing is, humans are better editors that they are creators. Everyone knows how other people should solve their problems, but they don’t have a damn clue about how to solve theirs. This is my whole inspiration behind choosing this topic for PhD. In fact, I had presented this exact argument in my thesis.”

So if you’re a couple who has been facing relationship problems, you know whom to contact!