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Guy stays hungry for 15 days to consume maximum food at friend's wedding

23, Dec 2017 By Akash Vadera

Freebies and discounts surely attract people and are the most effective method of increasing sales for any company. There is a segment of consumers, termed as ‘Deal-seekers’ that tend to impulse purchase things, the minute they see a discount or a sale.

However, what Delhi-based Rishabh Gupta has done, has stretched the horizon of ‘Deal-seekers’ by miles. In the hope of eating maximum food at his friend Appurv’s wedding, Rishabh stayed hungry 15 days prior to it.

This may be bizarre to others, but not to Rishabh. We interviewed him and here’s how he explains the scenario. “Let us all be clear on the fact that no one actually goes to some wedding just to congratulate the couple or see them going in circles. The main reason everyone goes to the wedding is for the food. Now, I’m a big time foodie. When Appurv showed me the wedding menu a month ago, I was awestruck. It had the best chicken dishes, best starters and the best desserts. I decided then and there that I would go to his wedding fully prepared by keeping the space of a warehouse in my stomach,” he said.

“So 15 days prior to the wedding, I went on a fast. I didn’t eat and also I didn’t drink anything, as there were some exotic cocktails too. Due to weakness I slept in my bed all day. I had taken a leave of 15 days from my office as I knew it would require staying at home. My mother called neighbors, relatives and even media thinking that I had gone on some protest. Some newspaper even printed fake news stating I was doing a dharna in support of a political party. I just wanted to eat more food, that’s all. And then came the wedding day. I was desperately waiting for the food counter to open,” he added.

“As soon as it opened, I ran toward it like The Flash. I had practiced at home before going to the wedding about placing which dish where. It was all planned and organized. Like my practice, I adjusted the maximum amount of food in the circular area of the dish that was available. It took me 3 turns to fill my stomach completely. The total time taken by me was approximately 2 hours 30 minutes. By the time I finished eating, 3/4th of the audience had left as wedding had ended. Nonetheless, I can finally say that ‘Vasool hua’ (It was worth it),” Rishabh said while recollecting the event.

If you also have done something similar during your friend’s wedding, we’re sure you can relate to the above story.