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Guy trains dog to poop in front of ex's house; willing to provide this as a paid service to other guys

23, Feb 2018 By Akash Vadera

If you have ever been through a break-up, you know how hard it is to move on and cope up with it. However, not everyone is able to deal with it efficiently.

Some take a very long time to move on, some cry, some date again and some listen to Arijit Singh songs. Each person has a different mechanism to deal with these types of situations. However, what Mumbai-based Madhav Kumar did, will leave you in splits. Unable to fully move on after his break-up, Madhav trained his dog to poop in front of his ex’s house.

We interviewed Madhav and here’s how he justifies himself. “My ex and I dated for 3 years. Her name is Sonam Gupta. Everything was going on well until one day when I bought a puppy as a gift for her. I thought that she will be very happy as girls love puppies. But she turned out to be a cat person. I hadn’t known this before. If I had, I wouldn’t have gone into a relationship with her, as a dog person and a cat person never get along.”

“To tell you the truth, I hate cats. Dogs are so compassionate and playful. Cats behave as if they own you. My dog is so happy whenever I take her for a walk. Cats behave like they’re taking you for a walk. Anyway, so when I got her a puppy, she fought with me for 2 days. The intensity of the fight got to a level where it got ugly and we broke up. 3 years of our relationship and it ended over a puppy! At that time I didn’t feel it. But 3 weeks later, reality hit me. I started missing her. I realised I couldn’t live without her. But then I came to know that she has started dating some other guy. She missed me for the first 3 weeks when I wasn’t missing her,” he added.

“But when I realised I want her back, she moved on. I am never able to understand how girls move on so fast. I wanted to take revenge. I wanted her to realize that she did wrong by me. She wasn’t responding to my messages or calls. So one day, an idea hit my head. I hired a dog trainer and he taught me the basics of dog training. It was a 2 week course. At the end of which, I was able to train my dog to poop right in front of her house. The situation now is that whenever my dog wants to poop, she barks and lets me know and I take my dog in my car to my ex’s house. I have trained her to that extent that she never poops anywhere else. I realised that I can provide this satisfaction of revenge to other guys like me who got broken up with, for no significant reason. So I have decided to offer this as a paid service. Here’s one of the pamphlets that I will be distributing,” he said while handing over the pamphlet.

So if you’re one of those people who feel that they have been wronged by their ex, you know whom to call!