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Guy undergoes training for mixing the perfect amount of hot and cold water for bathing

05, Dec 2017 By Akash Vadera

How many times has it happened with you that you went for a bath on a chilly morning and the water was too cold or you went for a bath on a sunny hot day and the water was too hot? This mismatch became a daily routine for Bhopal-based Mayank Gupta, which made him skip bathing for 4 times a week.

However, he didn’t give up. 3 months ago, he underwent a training program for mixing the perfect amount of hot and cold water for bathing, and today, he bathes daily and even enjoys the bath to the last drop of water.

We interviewed Mayank in his bathroom where he showed us a demo of his newly acquired skills. Here’s what he had to say. “See first you fill half the bucket with hot water. Second step is taking 3 mugs of cold water from the other bucket and pouring it in the hot bucket. Third step is to mix it and test the hotness using your hand. You repeat these 3 steps until you gain the perfect mixture of hot and cold water. Trust me, when you get the right temperature, you’ll start bathing daily and even enjoy it.”

Our crew mentioned that they do bathe daily. After shrugging for a minute, he continued, “Earlier I used to skip bathing almost 4 times a week because the water was either too hot or too cold and I didn’t have time to mix it again since I’m an office employee. Deodorant was my only savior then. But then my colleague heard of this training program and he mentioned it to me. We both joined the program where we were taught to mix the perfect amount of hot and cold water, techniques to save time while mixing and the importance of bathing daily. The last one really surprised us. Now, I not only bathe daily, but I enjoy it as the water temperature is perfect and I do it on the first try, without wasting any time. I have abandoned all 25 of my deodorants.”

So if you’re one of those people whose daily struggle starts at the water temperature in the bathroom, all you need to do is join Mann Ki Bath training program in Bhopal.