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Guy who slowed down his car at zebra crossing to let pedestrians cross the road gets punished by traffic cops

14, Dec 2014 By Anil Sharma

Jaipur. A local resident named Niyam Kumar got spanked by the traffic cops in the middle of a busy road today for slowing down his car at a zebra crossing to let pedestrians cross the road.

Earlier in the morning at around 9 am, Niyam Kumar left his home for work. It was all fine until he reached this particular zebra crossing where pedestrians were queued up waiting to cross the road. Niyam Kumar, who apparently believes in “system”, slowed down his car and stopped it at the zebra crossing to let the people pass. All of a sudden, two traffic cops who were busy killing time at the nearby paan shop came running toward him and started scolding him for slowing down.

Zebra Crossing
It’s not a real zebra, so no need to slow down.

According to eyewitnesses, the other drivers who were behind Mr. Niyam gathered there as well and helped the cops humiliating the troubled Niyam Kumar.

“He was spread eagled over the bonnet of his car in minutes by the cops and they started searching him hastily. Then they asked him for papers, and the car owner handed over them the license and other documents, but they spanked him saying; not these papers you idiot, we want the one which has Gandhi Jee’s picture on it,” an eyewitness told Faking News.

After the incident, Niyam Kumar is still in a state of shock that he was punished for following the rules.

“I just stopped my car at a zebra crossing, I was just following the rules. I wonder why they took my license, fined me a thousand bucks and humiliated me in front of 100 of people,” furious Niyam Kumar said.

On the other hand, according to the authorities the traffic cops did their job right.

“To hell with the rules man. India is a nation with a rich culture and heritage. We follow the culture not the freaking rules. And Indian culture teaches you that you should speed up your vehicle when you see pedestrians trying to cross the road and win the race. What kind of idiot Niyam was to stop his car?” senior traffic police inspector Ranjan Singh stated.

“Why would you stop the car when you can scare the shit out of the pedestrians by speeding up and feel like Michael Schumacher,” he went on to add.

“All I could say is that we respect our cultural and religious values more than anyone else and nobody has the right to hurt our sentiments. Our men did well to stop that knucklehead. People have stopped respecting us. Don’t they know that a traffic cop is the only man who whistles on ladies and gets paid afterwards?” he concluded.

When our reporter asked the taxi driver who was just behind Niyam Kumar about his opinion on the whole scenario, he replied, “Well, whatever! He followed the rules by slowing down his car, pedestrians crossed the road, the cops got to spank a guy, and we taxi-drivers got to blow the horn. Everyone happy!”