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Habitual traffic offender found standing on an empty road, waiting for a green signal to turn red

16, Oct 2016 By RT

Mumbai: A habitual traffic offender was standing on an empty stretch of road, waiting for the green signal to turn red so that he can finally cross the signal. Such dedication to break traffic rules drew widespread praise from his fellow traffic offenders and he is expected to be awarded as well by a club of traffic offenders.

For some, Red means go, Green means stop.

27 yrs old Vroom was seen standing at a Green signal during the early hours of Sunday. With no other vehicle on the signal, he still kept waiting till the signal turned red and then sped away on his bike.

Speaking to Faking News later, Vroom said ,”As you know, man is a creature of habit. For so many years I have broken traffic rules, that now I struggle to follow any. I don’t want to lose my habit of violating traffic norms as well so I just waited for a while, signal turned red, I went on my way. I always avoid crossing a green signal but sometimes incessant honking from behind forces you to do it, today there was no one behind me so it was cool.”

When we asked him how does he avoid traffic fines when he breaks so many rules, Vroom said,”That is why life of a traffic offender is only for the pros. You have to know all small lanes and bylanes, the moment you see  traffic cop chasing you, use them to disappear. On the rare occasion when a cop does catch up with you, always say that you have only 50 Rs in your pocket and this is all that you can give.”

When Faking News reporter left, Vroom was seen walking up to a board saying ‘NO SMOKING’, to stand under it and smoke.