Habituated of finishing lunchbox before the recess time, student orders from Zomato in middle of his online class

29, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Due to the ongoing lockdown in the country, Schools and colleges took the help of technology and started taking online classes so that the studies don’t get affected. But students have failed to change their habits.


Sanil Srivastava, an 8th standard student in Mumbai regularly orders from Zomato in the middle of his online classes. Sanil had developed a habit of finishing his lunchbox before the recess time and hence could not control his urge even during the online classes.

Sanil has been regularly ordering from Zomato and the food reaches him before the recess time, which he enjoys while concentrating on the classes. Many other students have also picked up this habit from Sanil and Zomato sales have zoomed up pretty high in the last month, owing to the lockdown and increase in the number of online classes.

From playing Bollywood songs during an ongoing class to creating a separate group of friends and chatting while a lecture is underway, and even removing the online teacher from the list of participants, there seem to be a number of pitfalls attached to the virtual world of education during the lockdown.