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Our hardworking techies leave their mark wherever they work says a Sr. citizen pointing to pile of cigarette butts

29, Mar 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: It has become very easy to spot where are the IT parks in the city are located. No need to follow the google map or ask people, just by looking at the pile of cigarette butts and plastic tea cups outside the gates, one can guess how many are working inside that IT park.

“I am not sure if there are some specific ways IT companies train their employees or it has something to do with the practices the engineering graduates followed at their colleges, there is certain level of uniformity across locations,” said S.K. Sharma, a retired army officer who has recently shifted to an apartment near Diamond district on old airport road.

“But there is maturity among techies. Majority of them would not smoke inside their campuses as it is banned. They have patience to walk towards the sutta-vendor standing at the office gate, even if it means they have to walk ten to twenty times in a day as per the workload. While leaning on their office compound walls they throw the smoke into the air. Just imagine the cases with Government offices, in 1980’s walls and staircases were painted with paan stains, now also same thing happens. No change in behavior,” said Mr. S.K. Sharma

Mr. Sharma shared his experience when he came first time to this place. He said, “After lunch when I was reading newspaper, saw from balcony heavy smoke. Was about to call fire attenders when one of neighbor sitting next to me said, Sharmaji, yeh toh post lunch peak sutta hour hai. In few days you will get acquainted with this place.”

Sharmaji’s son who is working in another IT park used to say him, “The cigarette butt pile at my IT park is really big because of the complexity of the projects in his office. Also, the managers there do not allow anyone to return home without logging sixteen hours at office.”