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Haryana man names his house ‘Detention centre’ to prevent Vadra from grabbing it

26, Dec 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. There is a famous saying that goes ‘ If you have a land, Vadra will find it someday and grab it’. But a Haryana man named Jagdish Malik used an innovative approach to keep Vadra away from his land. He named his house as ‘Detention Centre’ as no person currently in India wants to be anywhere close to a detention center, be it Robert Vadra.


In fact, no thieves, criminals, robbers, and other anti-social elements are coming near to Jagdish’s house and he has never been as happy as he is now. Many places in Gurugram, NCR, and Haryana were seen having these big boards of detention center written on it. But Vadra is smart too. He has formed a team that will analyze with the help of drones as to which boards are genuine and which have placed there temporarily.

Vadra wants to use technology to come out of this major problem. Meanwhile, the government wants to help the poor people and is subsidizing the sale of detention centerboards so that more and more people can keep their land away from Vadra.