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Haryana Police Inspector eats neighbor’s Mutton Biryani every time, says he is checking for Beef

08, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurgaon: A police inspector with Haryana Police is enjoying free Mutton Biryani for the past 6 months now. The police inspector, Jagdish Singh, visits his neighbor’s home every time he smells mutton biryani and takes away 2 plates to check for beef in the biryani.

Check whether it is mutton or beef

Jagdish’s neighbor, Shahid Khan is a big fan of mutton biryani and cooks it at least twice a week. However, he has to cook twice as much biryani as he wants to because he knows that Jagdish will come and take away half of it.

With beef being banned in Haryana, Police and animal husbandry department have been collecting biryani samples in the state to check for beef. Jagdish is using the same tactic to get his fix of mutton biryani, and that too free of cost.

Explaining the situation, Shahid said ,”We moved to this place about six months back and this mutton biryani testing has been going on ever since then. First few times I got really worried and tried explaining that I am just making mutton biryani but he still took away 2 plates of it. Now over a period of time, I have realized that he isn’t sending the biryani for any testing but just likes to eat it himself. To avoid embarrassing him, I haven’t brought up the topic either and I just make some extra biryani for his testing.”

Meanwhile, Jagdish has denied that he takes away the biryani only for his pleasure. “I am just doing my duty and my duty is to ensure that nobody is consuming beef here. Our laboratories are already overburdened and take a long time to come back with a report. Therefore, I do the testing in my home only by eating the biryani myself. This is a great risk by me but my personal safety comes second, my duty comes first”, an agitated Jagdish said.

“Wish I was in Bihar police, I would have consumed all the alcohol caught from smugglers, just to check whether it really is alcohol or not”, Jagdish added.