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Hindu group insists that chair is offensive after some Muslims declare table offensive

22, Dec 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. A table and a chair kept outside a restaurant have become the center of controversy after they were deemed hugely offensive to respective religious sensibilities by groups of Muslims and Hindus.

It all started when the national convener of Al Muslameen concluded that the table kept outside the restaurant Bharat Lunch Home in Andheri was deeply offensive to Muslim sentiments and against Quranic teachings.

“The table was round but had three legs. This is deeply offensive and designed on purpose to insult Muslims,” Akbaruddin Khan, the national convener of Al Musalmeen told Faking News.

chair and table
Some experts have concluded that HDF might have got angry after realizing that the Hindu chair was not as big as the Muslim table

Faking News didn’t ask Akbaruddin the logic behind his statement as that would have been against logic.

As soon as Akbaruddin came up with the statement, Al Musalmeen members called the restaurant owner and asked him to remove the table by this weekend, failing which the entire restaurant could be blown up.

Although the media decided to downplay the threat by Al Musalmeen, the picture of the table and chair was posted on internet by some local residents.

And that’s when members of HDF – Hindus Devoted to Fury – noticed the chair and found it hugely offensive to Hindu sentiments.

“Will the restaurant owner dare insult Muslims by placing a similar chair?” asked one “Deshbhakt #HDF” asking Bharat Lunch Home to immediately remove the chair and apologize to Hindus all over the universe.

When asked why was the chair offensive to Hindu sentiments, Deshbhakt #HDF shot back, “Did you ask the same question to Muslims? Just because we don’t blow up restaurants you will ask us such baseless and derogatory questions?”

Many other users of social media, who identified themselves as proud Hindus and members of HDF, too demanded the chair to be removed but the table to be retained outside the restaurant, failing which they would take legal action.

“We Hindus have tolerated all this nonsense for a long time!” claimed another self-declared member of HDF, “Hinduism is a tolerant religion and we are tolerant people. But we will no longer tolerate any chairs till the Muslims oppose tables.”

“We are not cowards. We can throw stones at the restaurant too!” the member added.

Meanwhile some people claiming to be secular and liberal wondered why the chair should be removed.

“Removing the table makes some sense because you need tables inside the restaurant not outside, but this is absolutely ridiculous to demand that chair is removed too. Chairs are used to wait outside restaurants. It will make no difference if the table is removed, but it will be fascism if the chair is removed,” claimed the “liberal” person.