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Honest man files FIR against Baraat for bribing people to dance by tossing currency notes

20, Jun 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Lucknow: In a shocking turn of events, a passer-by reportedly filed an FIR against a group of people dancing in a wedding procession for allegedly tossing currency notes and performing other antics like indecent brandishing, placing notes between the dancers’ lips.

Faking News reporters were invited to the local police station for a short press conference and here’s what the complainant, the accused and the police said during the conference.

“Corrupt baraatis dancing with currency notes in mouth.”

“I was going to the market to buy some vegetables when I saw this Baraat. Initially, everything was so ethical about the Baraat that for a moment I forgot where I was going. I thoroughly enjoyed the amusing sight of passionately dancing Baraatis with band baaja in the background. Unfortunately the amusement was shortlived as it turned sour with the groom secretary tossing valuable currency notes in the air. The fellow Baraatis, including those who appeared well-off, started scampering around the scattered money like it was their only means to breakfast the next day. One dancing Baraati waved a 1000 Rupee note around another’s face and placed it between his lips. If this is not corruption, what is?!?! Unable to bear the level of corruption, I immediately left the place and filed an FIR against them,” said Abhrast with an aura of righteousness surrounding him, as he spoke.

The accused was being carried to a temporary cell as he said, “What about the arrest of corrupt policemen who catch hold of people driving in the wrong way, take a bribe from them and later, allow them to proceed in the same route? You arrest innocent Baraatis like us, who toss fake currency notes for faking the groom’s wealthiness. This is nothing short of  injustice.”

“The FIR lodged by Mr. Abhrast Kumar is the first of its kind in the entire history of this police station. We’ve had weird cases but this one really stands out. What Abhrast has done today by bringing such people to book, will need to be repeated by every passer-by noticing corrupt processions. So, SPREAD THE WORD!”, said the head of the police station as he felicitated Abhrast with a shawl and a memento.

Sources say hundreds of wedding dancers including Bollywood Baadshah Shahrukh Khan are planning a protest against Abhrast, the honest passer-by, to withdraw the case or witness a non-stop Baraat dance mania around his house.