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Hostel student taken into custody for not playing AR Rahmans ‘Maa tujhe Salam’ at high volume on Republic Day

26, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

Bengaluru: Karthikh Selvaraj, a third year student of Welcome College of Engineering was taken into custody after authorities and students found him not playing AR Rahman’s ‘Maa Tujhe Salam’ at ridiculously high volume on Republic Day.

Mandatory on your Republic Day playlist
Mandatory on your Republic Day playlist

Speaking to Faking News the hostel warden said, “It’s Republic Day and playing Maa Tujhe Salam at high volume is almost like the unwritten rule in the hostel. We observed that all rooms except that of Karthikh were playing the song. And it’s not just Mr. Selvaraj, others who were playing it at lower volume have also been questioned.”

“I am not saying that its anti-national or we have doubts about Karthikh’s patriotism but we don’t want any security issues on campus,” said the warden.

Students Council Head Krishna Kumar blamed Karthikh and said all students were given prior information about the protocol to be followed for Republic Day.

“We had shared the mp3 file of the songs and also arranged a bulk deal of speaker systems just for Republic Day and still he didn’t follow our instructions. We are still deciding on the quantum of punishment for his negligence,” he said.

Sources say that college authorities may let off Karhthik with a warning considering that this being the first instance of the offense.

Karthikh’s close friends and his hostel neighbor Ashwin had a different story to tell and gave his friend a clean chit just like a political party.

“I blame his girlfriend Gayatri for all his troubles. He hardly gets any time to sleep. He writes her assignments, helps her prepare for the exams and not just that, poor guy has to listen to her nagging till late in the night. I don’t know which world he is in,” he said with tears rolling down his cheeks as Ye Jo des hai tera started echoing across the hostel.