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Hundreds suffer losses in Delhi as they try to learn manners

23, Sep 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Home Minister P Chidambaram’s advice to Delhiites to learn manners and behave in a way that suits residents of a “big, good international city” was taken seriously by many Delhiites but they ended up getting frustrated and fooled. Most of these people are now angry with the Home Minister and wants him to think twice before he speaks, with a few demanding compensation for the losses they had to incur after heeding to his advice.

“I applied brakes and slowed down my car as soon as the green light turned yellow, and wow, my car was smashed hard by this sedan behind me whose driver had applied accelerator to escape the red light. Before I could say something the driver started shouting at me for driving the car as a donkey and was joined by others behind him. What was Chidambaram thinking?” Subhash Malik, a Delhi resident said.

A DTC bus with normal crowd
A DTC bus with normal crowd

Subhash was still fortunate when compared with Sandeep Singh, the DTC bus conductor, who was beaten black and blue by a group of college going youth when he told them not to get into the bus as it was already full to capacity. The assailants also took away all the money and bus tickets that was with Sandeep at the time of the attack. Sandeep has been admitted to hospital with various injuries.

“I had seen some dubbed English movies and they never show any overcrowded buses. I thought Chidambaram sahib would like to see those kinds of buses during commonwealth games so I tried my bit. They bit me on my nose too when I told them that dilli ki naak mat katwao (don’t be a shame for Delhi).” Sandeep recounted his horror.

There were several unfortunate souls with similar stories, who had to suffer in one way or the other as they tried to behave like a citizen of a big, good international city. A woman fell down and suffered minor fractures as she tried to avoid crossing the road during traffic and instead used the foot-over bridge, which apparently had unkempt slippery stairs.

The government has expressed grief and concern over these incidents and has cautioned the citizens that if they didn’t learn to behave in time, the commonwealth games could be postponed or shifted out of the country. Commonwealth Games Federation head Michael Fennell had already expressed his displeasure at Delhi’s readiness to host the games, and the government thinks that such incidents could aggravate the fears that Delhi was not ready.

Faking News too urges the responsible citizens of Delhi to behave properly as Commonwealth Games must happen on time.