Hungry migrant labour makes meme on politician, arrested in 5 minutes and gets good food in jail

30, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

So far, the only interstate movement of essential commodities has been allowed, while migrant workers could travel to their workplaces within city limits if they showed no symptoms for coronavirus.


Many migrant workers in India are hungry as they don’t have money to feed themselves on a daily basis. But some have become smart now and have found a great way to finally food. Jagdish, who is a migrant worker in Surat, made a meme on a state politician. He was arrested in the next 5 minutes and taken to jail.

He ate after 3 days. He was fed well in the jail and the food quality was better than that delivered by the government to the workers. Jagdish was not very aware of social media but had heard that politicians and police react very fast to the things that happen on social media.

Hence, he created a twitter account and made a meme on a state politician who he thought was corrupt and did not do much for the workers. But even to his surprise, he was arrested too fast, he thought that he would get at least 15-20 minutes after making the meme. But he was arrested in the next 5 minutes.