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Husband enters Guinness World Records after consulting wife 256 times in a single grocery shopping session

03, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore. An IT employee from India’s Silicon Valley has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for a fantastic achievement of consulting his wife two hundred and fifty six times in a single grocery shopping session.

Ajith Kumar is a software engineer who got married recently and was reportedly in the process of setting up his home in a city apartment. His wife had given him a meter long slip containing a total of 250 items to be purchased. As soon as Ajith entered a nearby supermarket, the saga of “call, confirm and add to cart” started. Ajith was a bad planner and a strong advocate of “Take it as it comes”, which made him call his wife every time he was about to pick up an item from the rack, instead of discussing all items at once.

“Ajith while checking his list for the 156th time.”

At office, he was on a software code review panel that over scrutinized the code written by developers and raised doubts over the correctness of each line of code. This is being attributed as one of the main reasons why Ajith had so many queries to be clarified as he continued to purchase groceries.

While Ajith was shopping, a Spamway agent was reportedly stalking him with an intention of enrolling him as a part-time employee in his chain business. As per reports, it was this person who had called the Guiness World Record info-line to report a possible record while expecting some kind of remuneration from the Guinness team.

Sources say IIN students are planning to stage a dharna opposite Ajith’s apartment for not having used Idea Internet Network despite having an Idea connection on his mobile.