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Husband Wife split the work, snoozing of the morning alarm will be done alternatively by both

21, Mar 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Prakash and Neetu at last sorted out one item to move it from fight zone to no-fight zone. Snoozing of the alarm, won’t be a burden on either of them anymore, both will do alternatively till the maid threatens to break the main door open.


“Yeh Prakash kuch kaam ka nahin hai. Khata hai aur sota hai. Earlier we fought on switching on Geyser, preparing morning tea, who will do what. Sahab, told me he will take care of Geyser part and told me you take care of preparing green tea for him. Other day I found he has changed the geyser itself and now controls it through an app”, said Neetu on her husband.

Neetu told us, “The best part of the sleep one gets in the morning hour, no calling agents to disturb you, not much vehicle honking on roads. In that hour why, I will sacrifice my sleep and repeatedly snooze the alarm. During that time Prakash Sahab would be in deep sleep mode. Naturally after waking up every day due to incessant noise from alarm clock, we will start the day with a fresh round of fight”.

“Then one day, one of our uncle suggested, yeh activity dono ka responsibility hai. So better split the work load. It’s altogether different matter, Prakash is an under performer here too. Mostly he misses his part, I have to pitch in to save our sleep”, said Neetu with an upset tone.

Prakash and Neetu have found a way to add few more hours of sleep time in to their life, but the time they spend with each other is on a downward spiral. Like most of us, both continue to spend a major part of their quality time with their smart phone.