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Husbands to stare at the Sun for Karwa Chauth

11, Oct 2014 By johnrj

New Delhi. In a variation of the usual tradition involving Karwa Chauth done by women, men will be joining along with the traditions this time by focusing on the sun along with following the usual traditions done by women.

“We want to prove to our wives how much we love them so we are going to do this along with them,” said one of the husbands who will be going on a fast. “We will contrast their traditions by fasting from sunset till sunrise and then proceed with sending our prayers to the sun.”

“Yes, I can”

Many men sounded happy about it since it would be night-time, so they could sleep while fasting until it was revealed that they should not sleep but pray for the women instead. The decision was received with ambiguous responses but was accepted nonetheless.

“Just like olden times how wives used to sit in a circle and sing songs, we will sit in a circle and listen to them,” said one of the participants, “We have already ordered iPods in low price during the Flipkart big billion sale which we hope will get it soon for use.”

Many religious songs were added to each of their playlists to be uploaded to their iPods. However, some of them were caught with Honey Singh songs for which they cited that it would help them to stay awake throughout the night. Some mentioned that the “Pani Pani” song might also quench their thirst temporarily if they keep listening to it repeatedly.

Some husbands have suggested if they could sit in the circle with their laptops and smoke since it doesn’t violate any of the rules of no water or food. The committee had no other choice than to agree to the request to the joy of the members since it was well within the rules.

“The next most difficult thing would be during the sunrise we should look at the sun directly and then look at our beloved wives after which they will give us water,” said another participant, “But sunlight will ruin our eyes so we are thinking of wearing sunglasses only for this event.”

The sunglasses change was also agreed by all the members and they have proceeded with purchasing them for use. Some of the members also suggested rum or beer instead of water to be served to them by their wives which was rejected by the committee as they argued that it might not be good to have it on an empty stomach.

After the traditional rules were acknowledged by the members, a mock ceremony was done. Unfortunately, many of the husbands ended up pointing the sieve at other wives which led to confusion amongst the teams

“I cannot believe we got a chance to change our wives,” said a participant who did not completely understand about the tradition. “If I end up pointing to some other lady no one will stop me from going with her as this is God’s will.”

Due to the modification of almost all the traditions and the extra marital plotting involved, the wives of the committee founders have requested the men to forget the plan and proceed with their regular less stressful and less thought invoking activities.