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IIM introduces course on managing limited sabzi with rotis, to improve students' managerial skills

22, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Ahmedabad. Taking a cue from daily life, country’s top management institute IIM Ahmedabad has introduced a new course to teach students how to finish rotis (breads) with limited amount of sabzi (cooked vegetables) while eating.

Professor Jagannath Datta, the man behind this idea, believes that it will help future managers to acquire the much required skill of managing a system when faced with scarcity of resources.

Sabji Roti
Mock test.

“I have seen many students in a mess while eating in the mess,” Prof. Datta said, “Some of them are left with no vegetables but one roti left, which causes them to go and get extra sabzi from the counter. Some of them end up overeating, while others end up wasting either the vegetable or the roti.”

“That’s when I thought about the course content and decided to offer it to the second year students,” he said.

The “sabzi-roti management” course will be offered entirely in the hostel mess and students will have to attend classes during the lunch and dinner times.

Prof. Datta will oversee students eating rot-sabzi and impart vital lessons on the go. A test run of the course is already underway with help of a few student volunteers.

Varun, one of the volunteer students, confirmed that he was finding the course very useful and he had learned a lot of things in just two days, though he was still far away from perfection.

“I have finally learned to save sabzi for the last roti. But professor tells me that my consumption pattern didn’t follow the optimal path. I had allocated very limited amount of sabzi to first four rotis to make sure I don’t run out of sabzi for the last roti. But prof was not happy,” Varun said.

“I have to learn optimal resource allocation, as all rotis deserve same amount of sabzi,” he explained.

Apart from operations management, the course is also expected to impart some vital lessons in financial management.

“Students who fail to save sabzi for the last roti will have to take sabzi loan, and repay it in the next class by eating one roti less. The hunger will teach them how to control expenditure and avoid credit risks,” Prof. Datta told Faking News.

The course, due to the nature of “academic work” involved, is expected to be a huge hit among students, sources confirm.