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IIT Delhi students open website to help manglik people get married to trees

19, Apr 2015 By Pen10

New Delhi. With the startup environment in the country booming after the formation of the new government at the centre, two IIT Delhi students are exploring a hitherto unexplored terrain. Computer Science students Uma and Pradeep have started a website where manglik brides-and-grooms-to-be can date a tree and marry one of their choice to transfer their manglik properties to the tree.

Booming business opportunity.
Booming business opportunity.

“It is a fascinating time for web startups,” Uma said talking exclusively to Faking News, “Online matrimony has gone big. But there was a vacuum with manglik brides and grooms not able to find suitable banyan and peepal trees to marry in order to transfer their manglik properties to it. We are bridging this gap by bringing together the most beautiful trees in the country to choose from. We are conscious about the choice of our clients and are making sure we do not feature any dark or ugly tree. We are also launching a feature by which one can marry the tree remotely and there is no need to travel to the place where the tree is located.”

“We are offering a huge discount to the first one hundred mangliks who sign up and free access to a featured group of trees,” Pradeep added.

The idea seems to have caught on with the public. “I was so worried about how to get a tree for my manglik daughter,” Mrs. Verma from Greater Kailash told us, “This website has made things so simple for me. I will recommend it to every parent.”

However not all are happy with the development. Mr. Murugessan from an environment protection group said, “Marrying a manglik is a threat to the life of the spouse. The tree which the manglik person is marrying might die. This is in blatant violation of environmental laws. I appeal to the government to ban this website immediately.”