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Engineering student constructs time machine as final year project, plans to go back in time to stop himself from taking up engineering

05, Apr 2017 By @jurnoleast

Chetan Bapat, a student of IIIT College of Engineering in Mumbai has created a time machine for his final year project which he intends to use it to go back in time and stop himself from taking up engineering. The machine is in final stages of construction and Chetan will be testing it out soon before the evaluation of all final year project commences.

Students in class wondering if engineering was the right career choice

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, Chetan said, “I usually don’t regret my choices, but engineering is an exception. The only thing I learnt in these 4 years of engineering is that I am not good at it. The only way I can rectify this is by going back to the time when I was making a career choice.”

Chetan’s prototype has caught the attention of the engineering fraternity. Many were found inquiring about the machine and if there was a possibility if they too could go back in time and choose a different career path.

The news of time machine brought back focus to the debate on waning interest among students with respect to engineering courses. Few students blamed it on the male-female ratio on campus while others said that the poor quality of canteen. “Just have a taste of the food in our canteen and you’d know. There might be water shortage in the city but not in our canteen daal. And look at this roti. It’s so tough that I can literally beat someone with it,” said one student as he flung a roti on the floor, breaking a few tiles.

Experts from education industry stated that engineering degrees are like Schengen visa, that allow you access to many other career paths. “With an engineering degree you can pursue banking, MBA, writing, politics and so on. In fact engineering prepares you all other fields but engineering,” said Santosh Sharma, an education counselor.

Chetan has not yet made up his mind on making money from his time machine. There were also rumors that Elon Musk expressed interest in having a look a the prototype.

Meanwhile, few senior leaders from Congress Party were also seen inquiring about the machine. One of them spoke to our reporter on condition of anonymity and said, “It is for Rahulji. If we can convince him to use this machine and take up any profession other than politics. We still have a chance in 2019.”