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IITian father gets son's DNA checked after son tells he wants to opt for Arts

23, Feb 2018 By Akash Vadera

All’s not well for 15-year old Kota-based Rajeev Kumar, who has been forced to undergo a DNA test by his own father Mr. Anand Kumar. Anand, an IITian has become unsure of Rajeev being his own blood after Rajeev told Anand that he wanted to opt for Arts.

This came shocking to Rajeev as well as his mother Mrs. Sujata Kumar, a housewife. She is against this atrocity on his son executed by his father and has shifted to her parents’ home in Lucknow.

We got hold of Rajeev’s father Mr. Anand Kumar in his Kota residence and here’s what he said, “I am an alumnus of 1995 batch of IIT-B (Bombay).  Everyone in my family, right from my grandfather to all 3 of his sons to all 3 of my father’s sons, all of us are IITians; every single one! When one of my brother’s son couldn’t make it to IIT last year, all of us started giving him the cold treatment with the ‘Sharma ji ka beta examples’, etc. We have a whole Comparison Starter Kit to handle such matters. It works every time.”

“Last week my son’s Std. X results were announced. He got 95.54%. I agree he could have done better but these marks are enough to get him into a decent college, where he can lay the base for studying for IIT. But just 2 days ago, he told me he wanted to opt for Arts. He said this in front of everyone as all of our family members were having dinner at our place to celebrate my son’s results. When he mentioned the word Arts, the whole neighborhood got shocked. Time froze for me. I couldn’t believe my ears. 2 years ago, another nephew of mine had mentioned he wanted to opt for commerce. We took him to a psychiatrist, hypnotizing specialist and even the taantrik that lives 2 blocks away,” he explained.

“After 2 months of continuous brainwashing, we were able to get him to opt for science. At least he had uttered commerce. But my own son wanted to go for Arts. That word is a taboo in our house. No one mentions it. Once when my wife had mentioned it, I slept in the hall, away from her, for 2 days. So when my son told me he wanted to go for Arts, I just couldn’t believe it. I would have taken him to psychiatrist, taantrik, etc. if only he had uttered commerce. But Arts is way below our standards of even considering it as a problem. I was not able to believe that this was my own blood speaking so yesterday I got his DNA tested. The results are due in 3 days,” said Mr. Kumar with a hint of satisfaction.

However inhumane and orthodox this may sound, but this is what actually happens when you have a whole 2 generations of IITians living with you. We wish Rajeev all the best and we hope that he’ll pass this test too.