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IMD employee who predicted heavy rains from 8 to 12 June accepts he did so to prevent his 'Saasu Maa' visiting Mumbai

13, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Following a day of torrential rains on Saturday, Mumbai witnessed a comparatively dry Sunday as the monsoon appeared to weaken its grip over the city, prompting the India Meterological Department (IMD) to withdraw its heavy rainfall warning for the city. It had also forecast heavy rains with thundershowers in Mumbai and its suburbs from 7th to 11th June which never happened. Mumbaikars were stuck in their house as they were afraid of very heavy rainfall and didn’t want to take risk of getting stuck outside. Today when Faking News reporter investigated the matter by visiting the IMD office in Mumbai, it was made clear that the warning was issued by an employee who wanted to prevent his in-laws visiy=ting him in Mumbai.swadesh

IMD warning expert Mr. Jagdish Malik has been in the job of predicting rainfall since last 4 years. He was the one who had predicted Modi’s victory in the 2014 general elections and that expertise made him the best among the candidates who had applied for the post. Jagdish has had an accuracy of 5.69 % while predicting rains which is very high compared to the standards set by IMD in the recent past. And that was the precise reason that his latest prediction was taken seriously by the people. But the fact is that Jagdish was to be visited by his in-laws on 10th of June and he thought that a heavy rainfall prediction would stop his in-laws coming to Mumbai, which is what actually happened.

A serious investigation has been ordered by the IMD supremos to deal with such an acceptable behavior by one of their employees. The matter has become worse fr Jagdish as he has been sent on leave for 10 days and his wife insists that they visit her parents in these 10 days. An apt case of a person digging a grave falling into the same grave.