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Indian beggar makes 53 kgs of candies from ‘Trick or Treat’ Halloween tradition

03, Nov 2014 By johnrj

Mumbai: In a stunning use of real trickery on Halloween night, a beggar utilizing a network of 18 children from the slums was able to make 50 kgs of candies on Halloween night.

Trick or treat
Trick or treat

“When I heard about this festival I was so happy I wondered why they do not celebrate this every month,” said Varat, a roadside beggar who has been living in the streets of Mumbai since his birth, “Normally if we go ask for alms no one gives anything but this time we did not have to do anything but just wear ragged clothes and knock on their doors.”

Varat had called on 18 kids from the slum he was living on and asked them to just knock doors in houses saying “Trick or Treat” to get free candies. He also made sure their clothes were a bit torn and their hairs dishevelled to give off a “scary” appearance. He also targeted apartment complexes where many NRI families were living.

“The children were wearing torn and ragged clothes so they must have thought this was some kind of a costume,” said Varat, “Some of them even complimented on how well they have dressed for Halloween.”

Varat also wished they had given out rice or anything that could have been of regular use for them instead of candies. Nevertheless, the candy which was received was quickly sold in a cheaper price for a handsome amount of money for him and the children.

“Next time we will somehow convince them to give out rice. They just need to give something so rice would be very useful for us and would help the children’s family also.”

Seeing the success of this imported festival, Varat is confident that he would be able to form a good strategy for other imported festivals such as La Tomatino and Oktoberfest which provides unused tomatoes and uncompleted beers.