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Indian couple adopt an African child, friends still claim the baby looks a lot like them

21, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. An Indian couple in their late 30s were today shocked to find that the Nigerian girl they adopted few weeks back also resembled them.

The couple, who already have 3 biological kids, wanted to have at least one child in the family who had independent looks. “We didn’t want to impose anything on our child, not even our looks,” Mr. Sharma explained this strange desire.

The couple said that they every time they uploaded pics of their biological children on Facebook, they got tiresome and predictable comments like ‘yeh toh bilkul tum dono pe gaya hai’, ‘iski left aankh poori papa pe gayi hai aur right aankh mummy me, aur eyebrows nana nani pe’. Comments in real world were no different.

The kids usually too laugh after reading such comments.
The kids too laugh after reading such comments, child psycologists claim.

Finally the couple decided to do a “social experiment” to check if these comments were for real, and whether people really meant what they said.

“My doubts regarding authenticity of these comments started when one day I uploaded pics of my neighbour’s cute new born boy, and was still flooded with comments like the baby is a complete copy of mine,” Mr. Sharma recalled the fateful event.

“Just when I was about to recover from the shock of the fake nature of those comments, the boy’s father, who is also my Facebook friend, came towards me charging with a bat,” Mr. Sharma revealed.

Determined to check how fake these comments can get, Sharmas then decided to adopt a kid whose features were completely different to both of them. They were more or less confident that for once people would keep formality aside and use their common sense while commenting.

“While both of us are fair, the girl we adopted, obviously being from Africa is wheatish brown in complexion. Besides her lips are typically African, i.e. dark and protruding,” the wife pointed to the contrastingly different features.

“But we are still being told that she looks like us. I mean what the hell is wrong with people?” she yelled. Our reporter checked the photo uploaded on Facebook, where Sharmas are lovingly carried the kid in their arms, and the comments indeed were as claimed by them.

The couple is now planning to adopt dogs and cats to take this social experiment of theirs forward.