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Indian couple leaves Chinese restaurant after failing to find Gobi Manchurian on menu

26, Nov 2014 By RT

Bangalore. An Indian couple returned from a Chinese restaurant, located near old Airport, because they could not find their favorite and the only “Chinese” items they know in the menu.

The couple entered the restaurant for dinner, last night, during late evening hours and left after ten minutes, without having anything but a sip of water.

Available only at authentic Indian-Chinese restaurants.

After settling down in the cozy chairs, when the menu card was given out, the man and woman discussed for five minutes and decided to order the only two items they know from a Chinese menu – Gobi Manchurian and Chicken Fried Rice.

The horror struck when the waiter declared that there was no Gobi Manchurian in the starters menu and asked them to choose something else. The couple quickly gained composure after this unexpected blow, and calmly told the waiter that they would directly go for the main course.

But the horror stuck again when the waiter gave two choices as the couple had ordered “Chicken fried rice” for the main course – Yangzhou or Hokkien.

The man, who was never good at multiple choice questions throughout his schooling days, spoke first, “See! We do not know the chef Yangzhou or the chef Hokkien. Whoever makes the fried rice, or should I say ‘flied lice’ hahaha, tell him to make more rice and less fried – we both are very hungry!”

Now it was the waiter’s turn to be horrified. After the waiter left in a huff, the man explained to his wife about Chinese pronouncing the letter ‘r’ as ‘l’ and about him reading about Chinese for this restaurant visit. However the lady refused to be impressed.

The waiter returned – this time for a song request. Theirs is one of the few restaurants in Bangalore which plays English songs during the dining hours at night. He was asked to play ‘Hotel California’.

The waiter said that the song had already been played ten times that night and asked the couple to choose a different song. That’s when the couple decided to leave the restaurant, not willing to undergo the humiliation of not knowing any other song – and certainly not willing to try the chicken fried rice, made by either Yangzhou or Hokkien, whose names they disliked from the moment they were first told.