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Indian judge forcefully boards taxi despite driver’s feeble no, arrested

04, Oct 2017 By itsmihir1993

Ashutosh, a Bombay High Court judge, was arrested last evening after he entered a taxi despite the taxi driver’s ‘no’ for the ride. The incident took place outside Churchgate Railway Station when the kaali peeli driver Sukhram refused to ferry Ashutosh to the court. Considering it a feeble ‘no’, the judge forcefully entered the taxi, which lead to his arrest and, subsequently, his termination as a High Court judge.

The incident has left him in a state of shock after he discovered that the feeble ‘no’ was a serious ‘no’, just like any other form of ‘no’, the fact that was unknown to the learned judge. “Feeble ‘noes’ mean ‘yes’; I’m shocked that I have been arrested for a stupid conflict of consent,” said the judge, “The matter would have been long resolved if I had molested a girl despite her feeble ‘no’, which actually suggests consent. It’s my ill luck that I’m battling it out with a taxi driver instead of a helpless girl who is molested.”

Suspended judge Ashutosh appeared in the city court earlier today where he was granted bail. The taxi driver, on the other hand, has hinted vendetta after the judge was released soon after his arrest.

“A ‘no’ is a ‘no’, be it a girl’s dissent or a taxi driver’s. A girl may, for once, say ‘yes’ if she is interested but we taxi drivers never say ‘yes’ for a ride. The judge should have known that before barging inside my taxi,” said Sukhram, who claimed to reject close to 100 rides every day.

Talking to our reporter outside the court premises, he further pictured how law would have been on his side if he were a filmmaker or a film star with a driverless car, just before he went to reject his 58th ride of the day.