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Indian parents beat up kid after he gets B+ in blood test when the neighbor's kid got A+

28, Jan 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Indian parents are strict as compared to western counterparts. Whether such strictness is good or bad depends on lot of things. But there are always some weird cases where the strictness shown is of no use for the kid, in fact it is demoralizing. In one such story, a couple in Mumbai thrashed their 9-year-old kid for getting a B+ in his blood test. The reason was that the kid of their neighbor got an A+.


Indian parents are always on a lookout to instill fear in the mind of their kids so that they can compete well with the other kids. But the point to be noticed is that the competition is not a big one, they just compare their kid’s grades with their neighbor’s kid and not with the world standards actually. Shwetank Jain is one such father.

He had been pretty competitive during his schooling days and he wants the same traits in his Kid. Shwetank had never failed any test, in fact, he had scored a A+ in his blood tests too. So when he came to know that his son got B+, he was pretty upset and started beating up the kid. Soon his wife joined in as she got the news from their neighbor that their son had got an A+.

Faking News reporter spoke to Shwetank and he had this to say,” If we don’t beat our kids today, they will fail again tomorrow. Every test is important. I don’t want my kids to turn up to be like Hardik Pandya in the future.”