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Indian teen bags "International Calligraphy Award" for writing in public toilets

29, Jun 2014 By Lunatic509

New Delhi. Till yesterday he was an ordinary humbug, who took longer than usual in train toilets and would not come out even after numerous banging on doors and invocations to his mothers and sisters.

Today he is an artist par excellence who bagged the prestigious “International Calligraphy Award” to be presented in Washington DC and whose art is known and appreciated by millions of people across India.

Toilet Wall
A sample of Mohit’s work.

Mohit, today a household name, started his career by painting the classic “heart and arrow” signs with names of his female classmates in school toilets.

In his high school, he painted evocative diagrams on wooden or iron tables with his geometry tools.

Later he started writing the phone number of girls on public toilets with a note saying “Available for 500 only” and a graphic representation of consummation which will put Khajuraho sculptures to shame.

“His art resembles the vigor of ancient cave paintings in the Paleolithic era,” one of the jury of this prestigious award told Faking News, “There is a harmonious confluence of sensuality and mysticism which is exactly what we are looking from India.”

Mohit has travelled all across the country in trains and has left the specimens of his art not only in toilets but also on historical sites like Lal Quila, Taj Mahal, Nalanda ruins, and even on dinosaur eggs.

He has drawn above one thousand paintings and written above two thousand curse words in six Indian languages by far. His entire travel cost was sponsored by an NGO devoted to promotion of art and culture. With the award money, he plans to open an institute and teach this rare art form to India’s younger generation.

Being asked about his future aim by our female Faking News correspondent, he replied, “I am ambitious to paint inside the airplane toilet on my way to Washington; by the way, can I have your phone number?”