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Inked Selfies outnumber number of votes polled in South Mumbai constituency

24, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. South Mumbai constituency witnessed a record number of selfie turnout as against the actual voter turnout at the time of going for press release.

Sources say that in some cases, selfies showing inked index fingers were posted even before polling booths opened.

Nearly 9 lakh inked selfies were posted on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Comments section of various news websites, outnumbering the number of votes polled in the constituency.

While quite a few of those selfies were genuine, most of them were of the people who were not even in Mumbai during the time of polls, leave alone turning up at the booths.

Election Commission confirmed to Faking News that it was the first incident of selfies outnumbering not only votes polled but number of eligible voters in a constituency too.

Voting selfies
People used innovative ways to ink their fingers, shouting slogans like “Abki baar achhi selfie yaar”

The incident came to light after some independent NGO decided to track selfies posted on social networking sites and compared it with those whose name appears in the voting list of the constituency.

Since mobile phones were banned in booths, many people who were enthusiastic to vote, dropped their plans in the last moment, deciding to ink their fingers at home itself, the NGO found out.

Many who were fed up and unhappy with the system selfies opted for a change and went to professionally renowned photographers like Daboo Ratnani, Atul Kasbekar etc.

They were seen queuing up in lines outside photo studios to exercise their rights as a responsible citizen wannabe of this country.

Few incidents of photo studio capturing too were reported from Byculla and Mazagaon belt, where MNS supporters stormed the studio to get their photos clicked first and beat up random Biharis who were patiently waiting to get their pics clicked.

There were also reports of NCP supporters clicking not one but two selfies at the behest of their supremo Sharad Pawar.

Incidents of Bogus selfies too came to the fore, with many failing to realize that it is the index finger which is to be inked and inking other fingers instead, thereby causing a huge embarrassment for themselves.

Experts analyzing this incident point to the extreme peer pressure as the reason behind people resorting to such means. Many fear getting outcast from their social circle.

“There was no other option for me, but to be a part of this selfie wave as my friend Giriraj who is a staunch selfie supporter, threatened to send me to Orkut from Facebook if I didn’t post one,” disclosed a 19 year old student who didn’t wish to be named.

Meanwhile Election Commission taking note of the development, has decided to count these selfies from next election onwards, instead of counting votes polled in a constituency.

“We request people to write name of the candidate too on the finger while they are putting efforts to ink their finger at home,” urged EC commissioner.