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Inspired by auto makers, Bihar Engg College recalls its students after they were found unfit for corporate life

06, Jun 2016 By @jurnoleast

Patna: An engineering college in Bihar sent across ‘recall letters’ to its 2015 batch of students after feedback from respective companies found the new recruits unfit for corporate life.

A student answering a few basic questions

Around 100 students from mostly from Mechanical stream of MCBC College of Engineering in Bihar, are said to have received letters from the institute asking them to attend the current academic session after companies which hired graduates from MCBC complained of students not being up to the mark.

The news of the recall is disconcerting for the administration which already had to face embarrassment after media exposed how exam toppers failed to answer basic questions.

Speaking to Faking News, Principal of MCBC said, “We got a lot of complaints about students who didn’t even know about basics of engineering even though their marksheet showed exceptional performance. So we thought of recalling them to the institute, just like how auto companies recall their defective car models.”

Our reporter also spoke to the HR manager of company that had recruited graduates from MCBC College just to have them sent back to the institute within a year. “We recruited the topper of institute with the hope of attracting the right talent. But the guy couldn’t answer basic questions. When asked how one could determine if a Boiler is working efficiently, he replied ‘by looking at the wides and no balls’. He couldn’t even differentiate between Boiler and Bowler,” said the Manager with an exasperated look.

Meanwhile, the education department is fire fighting the situation and trying its best to ensure that such incidents don’t happen in future and even if they do happen, media is kept away from it.