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Inspired by news channel, MBA institute launches '100 secs 100 placements'

26, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

Gurgaon: In the race to gets maximum of its students placed, a Gurgaon based MBA institute has launched ‘100 secs 100 placement’ to kick off its placement process.

100 placed in 100 secs
100 placed in 100 secs

Speaking to Faking News, Head of the insititute Mr. Arvind Chaudhary said, “Most institutes these days are judged by how fast they can place their students. We are a relatively new MBA institute and we are trying everything we can to establish ourselves. We also suffixed ‘IIM’ to our institute name and made it PJIIM just to get visibility. ‘100 secs 100 placements’ is part of our endeavor to be different from others.”

When asked how he got the idea, Mr. Chaudhary said, “I was watching a hindi news channel and was impressed with their ‘sau second sau khabrein’ and thought of using that for our placements. Even institutes like IIM cannot guarantee placing their students so quickly.”

Many students of the institute who participated in the placement were happy after getting placed so quickly. “I almost felt like a smartphone in a flash sale that you see on e-commerce sites,” said Ranjit Iyer, a student of the institute.

Companies that participated were also happy that did not have to give any presentations and most students accept the job offer without much negotiation. “WE hope other MBA institutes get out of their ‘nation wants to know’ type placements and try ‘100 sec 100 placement’,” said a company representative.

The institute also plans to hold an IPL like auction for rest of the batch. “If IIM can boast of placing their entire batch in a single day, we will have to place ours in lesser time if we intend to get to their standard. So we have thought of holding IPL like auctions for rest of the batch. Companies pick their candidates in the auction and for those who remain unsold, we will take the olx route,” said Mr Chaudhary, as he got ready to participate in ‘100 secs 100 placements’ event.