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IT companies introduce anti-conversion law to prevent 'Technical to Business Analyst' role conversions

26, Nov 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Bangalore: The conglomerate of service based IT companies in India have reportedly come together to frame a crucial law that will prevent conversion of employees from technical to business analyst roles.

IT employee protesting against the law
IT employee protesting against the law

In a meeting that was held in ITC Windsor hotel, representatives from a wide range of companies had gathered for a final discussion on the anti-conversion law. If passed, the law would benefit IT companies in a big way.

Majority of the attendees were of the opinion that grass was always greener on the other side of the fence, in other words, a lot of young employees thought it was a great idea to shift to a business analyst role due to a popular misconception that this role would just require spreadsheet decoration, flair for spoken English and email composition.

“All I see business analysts do is give presentations with their nicely decorated charts and graphs. I find that pretty exciting,” said an employee who had just joined the company.

“A large section of young IT professionals are often found to be undermining their own potential which is capable of propelling their career to great heights. They often end up plotting temporary escape plans like running to US for master’s programs without realizing the fact that they would end up in software companies even after getting their master’s degrees,” said a resource expert from Outfosys Technologies.

“They are also heavily influenced by friends and colleagues who incite intolerance towards technical roles stating MBA pass-outs get into executive level roles directly and become the master of puppets like technical people,” remarked a people leader from Potbelly Technologies.

The meeting ended in a final consensus that emphasized on creating awareness on the importance of technical roles in IT service industry which would help in curbing role conversions and lead to stability of wavering minds.