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IT employee receives mail from supervisor without having words PFA, FYI or ASAP; left blank minded on what to do

16, Dec 2015 By The Satire Sadhu

Bangalore: The incident happened at Whitefield office of TCS (The-Only Consultancy Services); where the employee Mr. Chintu Developer went in shock after receiving mail from his supervisor.

Chintu's expression on reading the mail
Chintu’s expression on reading the mail

As per the sources, it was just a fine Wednesday afternoon. Half of the people were dozing in their cubicles post eating lunch and half others were returning from Chai-sutta break.

Chintu, who is the lead developer of his team (as he is now coding the same code since past 3 years); was however busy as usual delivering an urgent deployment post his lunch.

Munna Pachrangi, who is a team mate of Chintu said, “It was all fine and suddenly Chintu stopped coding when on desktop it popped up ‘1 new message in your inbox’. And when Chintu opened it, he was left blank-minded.”

“The message was from his supervisor Mr. K. Venkat . Chintu as usual though it would be some urgent delivery or issue; but to his greatest of surprise; the mail did not mention any such thing, neither it was regarding any formal information,” he added.

Chintu failed to identify the purpose of the mail. He even re-read the mail and searched if he missed any attachment.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t find out any.

While Faking news Senior reporter, Mr Kuch B Fenku, interviewed Chintu Developer, he said, “This is the first time in my IT career I am confused so much. With my long experience, I have actually written a custom Java-script which searches for words like PFA, ASAP and FYI in mail and moves them to respective folders of  ‘Documents’,  ‘Deliveries’ and ‘Useless knowledge’. This always works apart from Festival Greetings and ‘Sweets at my desk’ mails.”

“However, yesterday I received a mail from my boss which did not contain any such word. For more than three hours or something I kept on staring at the computer screen, unaware of the fact that evening chai-sutta break time has already passed. It was when, his junior colleague Ms. Nisha called him for an error, he came to his senses,” Chintu said raising his eyebrows.

When we asked his supervisor Mr. Venkat, what the mail contained actually that shaped this historic incident; he said, “I was actually configuring the mail-client application in my new moto phone and sent a mail containing text and subject ‘Test Mail’ to Chintu Developer.”