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IT engineer from Bangalore demands traffic allowance to offset his growing fuel bills

31, Aug 2014 By dasu

Bangalore. Recent studies have shown, the average traffic speed in Bangalore has come down to 9 km per hour and by 2020 it could come down further to 5 km per hour.

IT engineer Champak Lal, who travels from Rajajinagar to Whitefield every day says in last 4 years he has not got any hike, but his fuel bill has gone up by 400%.

Traffic Jam Bangalore
Traffic jam is now an integral part of Bangalore lifestyle.

Champak Lal expects soon he will become project manager. To manage the project he needs to reach office before 9 AM. He does a plain math using excel sheet to find out how much money he has to spend on his fuel bill.

To his surprise, he finds his fuel bill is already more than his car loan EMI and by 2020 it will be more than his home loan EMI.

He has also realized, one of the few days he was able to have dinner with his family, thanks to Kanakadasa Jayanthi which is a holiday for school, college and Government offices, but not for IT companies. From bottom of their hearts the family thanked the great poet and have put a photograph of him on top of their dining table.

Champak Lal is demanding a variable traffic allowance linked to traffic speed in the lines of airlines charging fuel surcharge linked to oil price.

IT companies citing recession informs Nasscom to put pressure on Government to share this burden.

Government did a study to find out the petrol pump owners, street hawkers have made good money due to traffic jams. Even hospitals have made good money as more and more IT engineers are visiting them. Bars, restaurants and pubs are feeling the heat and demand revenue sharing from those who are making windfall gains. Government is planning to come up with formula to address all parties affected.

Champak is pleasantly surprised about one thing. Thanks to the traffic jams, his son is able to identify the number plates behind the cars and knows which car belongs to which state registration. Even school teachers have acknowledged traffic jams are helping kids in learning alphabets quicker.