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IT fundamentalists demand to make knowledge of C language compulsory to live in Bangalore

09, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. In order to take Bangalore a step ahead of other technology hubs, IT fundamentalists are demanding to make knowledge of C language compulsory to live in the city.

Talking to media at a press conference, Javesh Goel, head of the  IT fundamentalist group – IT Development Parishad, said that their aim was to take Bangalore ahead of the real Silicon Valley.

Let Us C
Survival kit.

“This is possible only, if we besides learning new and fancy languages remain aware of our real roots, which is C. And everyone living in Bangalore should know it. Only then we will be able to become real knowledge centre,” said Javesh Goel in an emotional appeal to Bangaloreans.

“Most of the engineers learn C in the beginning to grab a job, but down the line they desert it for other languages. We should not forget our culture,” he continued.

On being asked, why was it important for non IT crowd to learn C language, Javesh Goel pointed out many benefits.

“As C is an easy to learn language, it will bridge the gap between non-IT crowd and IT crowd. Just imagine you are standing at a bus stop alone and getting bored. Now if everyone in Bangalore is aware of C language, you will be having something in common to talk about with the person standing next to you. You can discuss things like basic data types and variable types,” explained Mr. Goel.

IT Development Parishad is also aiming to change the way a newborn learns to speak. The group wants them to learn C before learning A and B.

Agar Bangalore mein rehna hai to C C karna hai,” commented an over excited member of the fundamentalist group. “Just like IT companies in their interviews ask C related questions, despite the fact that job applicants are not expected to program in C, now all Bangaloreans will have to learn C, whether they are a programmer or not.”

Meanwhile, in Whitefield area, few IT recruitment managers of a company have reportedly asked a juice shop owner to learn C.

“They asked me if I knew C or not. When I said no, they refused to drink juice at my shop,” the shop owner told Faking News.