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Jagraata parties turn Honey Singh songs into bhajans, ‘Char Laddu Bhog Ka’ most popular bhajan

12, Jul 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: The fact that no movie is complete without a Yo Yo Honey Singh party song is a common knowledge these days. Through songs like ‘Chaar Bottle Vodka’ and ‘Party All Night’ Yo Yo Honey Singh has quickly become the bad boy in the eyes of society purists.

But recently his karma has taken a sharp upturn when his most catchy songs were adapted into the bhajans and played by jagraata parties. The devotees who were already familiar with original song quickly developed the liking for the bhajan making them an instant hit. The most requested bhajans in jagratas are ‘4 Laddu bhog ka’, ‘Aarti to Banti hai’ and ‘Maiya ki chunar dhaani-dhaani, dhaani-dhaani, dhaani-dhaani’.

Yo Yo
Sabka maalik ek hai, par raaste aanek hain.”

Rimjhim Orchestra, a popular jagran party in NCR which started this innovative trend wasted no time in seizing early mover’s advantage and started aggressively hiring lyricists.

Orchestra owner Jaggi told Faking News reporter Shaitaan Khopdi™ how he spots the talent. “I lurk around social discussion forums like Orkut to hire lyricists. There are plenty of guys who come up with 3rd grade shayari to impress girls. e.g. ‘Cheeti chadhi pahaad pe marne ke vaste, Ladkiya karti hain makeup ladko ke vaste‘. I immediately hire these guys. I just tell them tricks on how to change few words like Vodka, Party and replace them with rhyming ‘Sanskaari’ words like Lota, Aarti to transform a party song into ‘Maata ki Bhet’. We are also planning to hire singers from second string reality shows and convert them into Bhajan icons,” Jaggi told us while doing agarbatti to Gulshan Kumar’s garlanded photo hung on his office wall.

“Last Saturday, in an event at Paharganj we received Rs 10000 donation in just 15 minutes while apna Monu was singing ‘4 Laddu Bhog ka’. People were dancing on the bhajan and were demanding ‘once more once more’. They won’t let Monu step down from stage. In the end when Pujari ji got angry that people were not paying any attention to Puja, we were forced to stop. Somebody told me that Pujari ji was worried that people will donate everything to us and he will have nothing on his Aarti ki thali.”

“When every Jagran party will come up with such songs, what new would you bring in the market to maintain an edge over competitors?” asked Shaitaan Khopdi™.

“We have started adapting Munni, Sheela and Baby Doll songs as well. If this comes out well then nobody can stand in competition with us in whole NCR,” replied Jaggi. To prove his point, he called on his artist to sing the latest Baby doll bhajan. The poor chap started:

Ye lutiyaaa, ye lutiya pittal di ye lutiya pittal di, Puja ki thaal hai sone di, Puja ki thaal hai sone di…

A disgusted Shaitaan Khopdi™ quietly left the office before Jaggi could ask his opinion on the Baby Doll bhajan.