Monday, 6th April, 2020


JCB kept inside quarantine center so that people keep looking at it and don’t run away

18, Mar 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Few things that gather crowd in India are Salman Khan Movies, local rains, and JCB excavation. JCB excavation process is the maximum crowd gathering activity. Sometimes there is a stampede like situation.


Government wants to use this behavior of the JCB fans to keep people locked inside Quarantine centres and prevent them from running away. Recently a JCB was placed in the Delhi Quarantine centre and all isolated coronavirus patients enjoyed it and kept looking at the JCB for hours and hours. The JCB was not even doing any excavation. Imagine if it starts doing excavation, the number of people attracted would be even more.

After the first JCB was put, the behavior of the patients saw a sudden change and patients were pretty happy. Some of them even did not want to leave the centres after getting fit and getting rid of the Corona virus.

Other countries have also requested India to share this plan so that even they can implement it and see the results. The sale of JCBs is at an all-time high as the government is buying JCBs in large lots to keep them inside quarantine centres.