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JNU student fails to tell his PhD subject even after seven years of research work

10, Sep 2017 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. Kanhaiya, a PHD student of JNU, failed to tell his research topic even after working on it for seven years. Bihar born Kanhaiya joined JNU in 2010 for PhD in African studies (as per the university data). Soon after joining the university, Kanahiya got involved in politics and started devoting his maximum time to it, which left with time for his research work.

JNU Students Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid And Anirban Bhattacharya Suspended, Burn Inquiry Committee Report

Recently, a YouTube channel conducted an offline survey where the anchor asked many current affairs questions to Delhites. Though Kanahiya answered most of the question rightly, he was seen running away from the questions on his studies. When the anchor asked Kanhaiya his PhD topic, Kanahiya refused to answer it and called anchor and his team a Modi agent.

Faking News reporter spoke to Kanhaiya’s friend Umar. Umar is one year senior to Kanahiya but both share the same hostel room from past five years. Umar also refused to speak about his PhD research work. Upon being asked what is the major problem that India is facing currently, Kanahiya and Umar both said Modi and RSS in unison.

Kanahiya is unmarried and unable to support his family since he’s jobless even at the age of 30. Kanahiya believes family problems and responsibilities would never end but Modi and RSS problem must be resolved soon. 

JNU Chancellor, V. K. Saraswat has a different opinion, Mr. Saraswat said, “a majority of students don’t join the college for PhD or any research work but for free accommodation and free food in the capital city”. He further added, “media houses always come to JNU students for debates and opinions on current events not because they make sense but because they are almost always free”.