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Job aspirant updates resume, includes "sharaafat" as his weakness

31, May 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Jhalim Nagar. Sushil Kumar, an MBA in Marketing who has been looking for a job since he became an MBA, updated his resume to include sharaafat (decency with a dangerous dash of honesty) as his “weakness”.

Earlier, it mentioned as his “strength”, which didn’t help him much in job hunting.

Sushil Kumar, also known as “Sharif Sushil or Double S” among his friends, claims that with this step, he has doubled his chances of getting a job.

Anything for you.

“I have been searching for a job in marketing field for over a year now. I often get rejected in the interview phase. After I got rejected in the 23rd interview last week, I realized that there must be something lacking in me. I analyzed and found that because of my sharaafat, companies didn’t find me suitable to recruit me in their marketing team,” Sushil Kumar told Faking News.

Recalling an incident that led to his rejection in an interview, he said, “Interviewer asked me that what would I do if I found out that there was a defect in product. I immediately replied that I will first communicate it to customers. I couldn’t even complete my answer and he showed me the door. I thought customer was king and he should be treated like that,” wondered Sushil Kumar.

“I realized my mistake later when my friend got selected in same company,” added Sushil Kumar.

When this reporter asked Sushil what was his friend’s response to the same question, he said, “Nothing.”

“Why is this happening to me? I stopped eating apples after reading the story of Adam and Eve. I always safely remove pendrive, even if that does not belong to me,” an emotional and frustrated Sushil Kumar explained how much shareef he was, yet suffering.

“I always tell the truth. Yesterday my girlfriend got angry after I told her that she was looking ugly in her new dress,” he added while sobbing.

“But now I understand this cruel world,” he said, wiping away his tears.

Sushil Kumar is hopeful that after mentioning sharaafat as his weakness, recruiters will assume that he is making serious attempts at overcoming his weakness.

And Sushil indeed is serious about it. Sources claim that he has started watching movies like Dhoom, which are centered around and glorify negative characters.