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Jobless MBA robs neighbor in hope of landing in Tihar Jail

26, Apr 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In hope of getting a handsome campus placement and some wonderful colleagues to hang out with, 25-years-old Mayank Pundit is planning to land in Tihar Jail. Mayank’s career plans were revealed last night when he broke into his neighbor’s house and ran away with three T-shirts and an iPhone. He even raised an alarm himself in order to get arrested by the police.

“I got my MBA degree in 2010 from WLGIIBM in South Delhi but the institute cheated me of everything. I didn’t get any job from their fake campus placements and now I realize that my degree could also be fake,” Mayank said, “Earlier this year I read news reports where Tihar Jail authorities had organized campus placements for the inmates, with some of the inmates getting a starting annual salary of five lakhs! That beats the placement records of 80% of the b-schools in India.”

Tihar Jail, Delhi
Future looks good from inside, so thinks Mayank.

Mayank was impressed with the performance of both Tihar Jail inmates and the concerned authorities, whom he felt were more devoted to get their ‘students’ placed than the cunning WLGIIBM authorities, who left him in lurch last year after taking full tuition fees and travel fees for an education tour to Venice for his UGC unapproved MBA.

And once Tihar Jail started getting heavyweight inmates ranging from politicians, bureaucrats, and businessmen, Mayank was dead sure that this is one place in India where he wanted to be.

“Experienced classmates to learn from and guaranteed campus placements to earn from; what else would an MBA student want?” Mayank argued and explained why he broke into his neighbor’s house last night and got arrested.

But it seems Mayank might have to commit a “bigger” crime as he might not be deemed eligible for admission into Tihar Jail for petty theft of T-shirts and mobile phone.

Experts point out that last time a student had an opportunity to professionally network within the Tihar Jail was way back in 2005 when an IIT student was arrested for selling a porn clip on a website and ended up meeting the founder-CEO of the website in the jail. Unconfirmed reports say that the student was later hired by the CEO.