Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


Kanika Kapoor complains about hospital conditions, wants Starbucks instead of regular coffee 

23, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

Kanika Kapoor, diagnosed and quarantined after having detected with coronavirus, is making things difficult for the hospital authorities. After complaining about the facilities provided at the hospital, the singer protested over being given regular coffee in the morning. 

Apparently, Kanika is used to having Starbucks and expected the same at the hospital. However, the request was turned down and she was served regular coffee.

The Baby Doll singer had on a previous occasion complained about unhygienic conditions at the quarantine facility, which prompted the hospital authorities to issue a statement.

“This is a hospital. Not a mall. We don’t have Starbucks or MacDonald’s here,” a doctor curtly responded while speaking to our reporter.

“She should behave like a normal person and not like a star. Yesterday we asked her to put on a mask. But she refused that too saying that she only wears branded stuff and asked for a Louis Vuitton mask. Though we have tried our very best to make her feel comfortable, but where do we get a branded mask now,” said another hospital authority.

A day after checking into the facility the singer gave the authorities a list of items which she’d need at the hospital. The list included a strong wifi connection so that she can binge watch series to kill time.

The hospital authorities have now given an ultimatum and said that if the singer makes any more ludicrous demands, they will shift her to a nearby mall.