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Khap members beat up Bajrang Dal activists trying to marry couple of same Gotra

14, Feb 2016 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Gurgaon: Several Bajrang Dal members were beaten black and blue today when a group of Khap Panchayat members attacked them for supporting same gotra wedding.

Clash of the titans
Clash of the titans

It all happened when Bajrang Dal activists were trying to forcibly marry off a couple they spotted on Valentine’s Day. Sources tell that Khap followers got angry when they heard that Bajrang Dal members were forcibly marrying off a couple that belonged to same Gotra. It was a complete role reversal for Bajrang Dal guys who usually beat others instead of getting beaten.

One Bajrang Dal activist Pawan Bhaijaan told the sorry tale to our reporter Shaitaan Khopdi™. “This is insane yaar. We were peacefully forcing the couples to marry each other. Suddenly these Khap goons came out of nowhere and beat the shit out of us. We were not shouting anti-India slogans, nor did we support Afzal Guru or Ishrat Jahan.”

“And worst part is, these guys didn’t even let us explain anything. I mean, is there any law and order in this country? How can anyone do moral policing in the personal matters of love and marriage, beat up people and get away with it? Shocking isn’t it? Is this country under Emergency?”, Pawan Bhaijaan continued.

When our reporter told Pawan Bhaijaan that what Bajrang Dal does is also moral policing and infringement into people’s personal lives, he wasn’t convinced and replied, “There is a difference. Whatever we do, is to save country’s pride and culture. But Khap is always in the news for wrong reasons. Tell me when they did something that does something good for society”. When we asked back to quote an instance when Bajrang Dal was in news for a right reason, Pawan exploded and shouted, “You bloody presstitute. Run before I beat you up like Khap Panchayat beat us up.”

When we approached Khap Panchayat members to get their view of the incident, one Khap member Rambir Singh told us, “See it is our responsibility to see how the lives of our youngsters are ruined. Who is Bajrang Dal to come here and force same gotra weddings? Hopefully they learned their lesson and will stay away from now on.”

Meanwhile, when we tracked down the couple in question and asked their opinion, they told us that they didn’t even know each other and the guy was just asking for directions when Bajrang Dal members mistook them for a couple.