Kid files for bankruptcy as no relative visiting his home in lockdown means he is getting no money at all

07, May 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. There are many traditions that are followed by whole heartedly in India. One of them is the one where relatives pay money to the kids while leaving their house.


Most kids have that as the only source of income as parents rarely give anything to the Indian kids up to a certain age. Sanil who is just 6 years old, has filed for bankruptcy after being sure that he cannot earn any money till the time lockdown ends and will need government support now. Sanil used to earn 500-1000 Rs every month as 2-3 relatives used to visit every month.

But all that stopped due to the lockdown and now he doesn’t have any money with him. Sanil wants the government to give him an unemployment allowance till the time corona lasts so that he can at least go out and enjoy and doesn’t have to depend on his parents for everything.

Sanil’s parents meanwhile have one question to him about where is all the money that he has been collecting from the relatives. How’s it possible that the kid has spent all the money and is left with no money now. There are so many questions to be answered here.