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Kids kill inter-religious parents to protect family honour

10, Jan 2015 By Salman Ravoof

Rohtak. In a shocking twist, two kids shot their parents dead for having married across religious lines. The twin brother and sister were disgusted with what their parents had done more than a decade ago. According to them, they had to take this drastic step to protect family honour.

Muskan and Roshan, the children of couple Mohsina Taj and Shekhar Nair, were brought up in a secular environment. Their parents practiced both the religions in their family and made sure that their kids understood the importance of tolerance and co-existence.

Muskan, a twelfth-grade student, explained how fed up both her and her brother were at their parents’ secularist stance.

Matters to kids also nowadays.
Matters to kids also nowadays.

“We had to learn both the religions, and then practice them too. It was too much for both of us. We had an identity crisis. We didn’t know which community we needed to hate, which cricket team we had to support. Even our friends are confused where our loyalties lie,” she said.

Their parents had even given them both religiously neutral sounding names. They also chose not to give them any surnames, since it might indicate their caste, and thus their religion.

“All my friends have caste surnames. Well, except the ones who had their names goofed up by the hospital authorities. Their parents were too ignorant to care much about it, but ours did so deliberately. I’d settle for Qureshi, Nair, Iyer, or even Pathan, but it was not my choice to make,” she added.

Explaining why they carried out this horrid yet justifiable act, Roshan, an eleventh-grade student, replied, “We’re just doing what our grandparents and uncles forgot to carry out long ago. If my parents hadn’t followed their hearts, I wouldn’t be standing here right now talking to you. It’s entirely their fault they fornicated.”

“Let alone the ever pesky neighbours, even the religious organizations back then didn’t pay much attention to what our parents had done. They were a cowardly lot. It’s up to kids like us to protect the honour of the family these days,” Roshan continued.

The council of People Against Anti Purity, also known as the PAAP Panchayat, spoke in defense of the two kids. “It’s very brave what these two have done. They have transcended religious and caste boundaries to do what’s right. Even though we abhor their existence, we support their cause,” said PAAP spokesperson Manish Bingla with a grin on his face.

When asked whether they feel better after having protected the honour of their family successfully, Muskan and Roshan explained that they were partially satisfied.

“We still have an identity problem,” continued Muskan with sadness in her voice.

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to decide whether to follow the religion of peace or the way of life. Having followed more than one religion and the absurdities that follow, we might end up atheists in the end” cried Roshan with a disappointing look on his face.

City Commissioner of Police, Emmanuel Bhatt, was unavailable for comment.