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Kinnars visiting marriage and child birth now offer EMI facility for those who can’t pay upfront

22, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Taking cognizance of changing financial and social landscape, the Eunuch-groups or more commonly known as Kinnars are now contemplating extending EMI facility to those customers who cannot meet their huge monetary demands at auspicious occasions such as marriage and birthday.

A techno-financial savvy eunuch.
A techno-financial savvy Kinnar.

Gopika a veteran dancer at marriage functions and Chief Negotiating Officer (C.N.O.) of Punjabi-Bagh Kinnar Association (PUNKASS) provided more details to media via a press release followed by a short press conference. Gopika said, “Whenever we go na, customers are always like we won’t give 11000 we will give only 7100, or 6100. A lot of time is wasted in these negotiations and we get very little time to do dance because we have multiple engagements back-to-back. If we don’t reach the other engagement on time, some other competing Kinnar parties come and lootofy our part of revenue. That’s the worst part because being a CNO I have stringent monthly targets to meet else my variable pay gets affected. On the other hand if we dance quickly and try to run away after 10 minutes or so the customers get angry, they say its apshagun (bad omen).”

Gopika further continued, “Hence going forward we have fixed that whatever the final price is the customer has to pay only 70% of it upfront at the venue and rest can NEFTed or RTGSed to our current account within next 6 months in 6 easy EMIs. So let’s take a use-case where we agree to a final payment of 21000 at a boy-birth, the customer actually only pays 15000 at that very moment and rest 1000 per month he can deposit into our account. Some customers even negotiate better terms and we consider them on case by case basis. Since we pay all income tax, service tax and so on to government, we have nothing to hide. Last financial year our branch itself paid out some 37 lakhs in income tax and education cess to government.”

When asked if Kinnars still have to resort to nude-shows in case parties don’t pay up to their expectations, Gopika smiled and said, “That is very rare these days. We care for our customers and their customer experience. We strictly avoid the nude-shaming unless some customer behaves really harshly. In that case we have to take that unfavorable route. But with this new EMI scheme these cases will further go down, to be almost negligible. Moreover our head-office is also ordering card-swipe machines in bulk for whole Delhi Region. Each dance-team manager who handles a K-team of 10 kinnars or above will have that machine for customers to swipe their card instead of paying by cash. That further takes away the payout pressure from customers. We are going all hi-tech you see.”

While this news has come as a shock to some people, a lot of other families with upcoming child-births and marriages are actually welcoming this move.

In an email testimonial sent to us by Pulkit Kumar, a newly-wed from South Delhi, he was all praises for this initiative by Kinnars. “I and my wife had spent close to 3.5 lakhs in our European honeymoon trip and gold cruise. And when we came back we were really out of cash. So when Kinnar fellas came up with this EMI offer we were elated. We agreed to pay Rs 51000 with negotiated 30% down payment and rest in 24 equated monthly installments. You rarely get such an amazing payment schedule on any type of financial investment these days. I took it up immediately,” Pulkit said.

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